Bomb Sworders

Bomb Sworders

A local/online multiplayer game about bombs and swords. And hitting bombs with swords. And explosions. And how those explosions can intersect your enemies, yielding infinite victory.

some nice gameplay

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lots of ways to play

Local – up to 8 players on supported platforms
Online – up to 4 players

1v1v1v1? sure
2v2? yep
1v7? yikes

delayed attacks

camera follows a bomb around the field Bombs take 9 seconds to explode

territory-control vs attack

showing territory control take over the level

showing sniping or attack

there’s always hope

a player reviving No one is ever eliminated from play

opportunities to be nice

You can help out your ailing enemies. Not necessarily the best strategy but…

high skill ceiling

some impressive movement Jumps, bounces, dashes, and recoil


by Ray Toler


Selected for PAX Rising 2018, shown at PAX East, Indie Game Party at Anime Central, Midwest Gaming Classic, Indie Arcade(s), Mooncat Arcade + more