in development: bomb sworders

updated cloud stuff for Bomb Sworders

to make sure it’ll be supported going into the future. (PlayFab Azure functions –> .NET 8 isolated)

... and it's up and running

attempting to publish the website...

learning some misc programming/web stuff

… in hopes of fixing, and understanding, a couple Azure/PlayFab issues in Bomb Sworders

new website

Switched to Github pages – saves a chunk of money + kinda fun to play with.

This site is based off Chirpy and then customized to try a couple ideas:

  • ultra-short, title-only posts look okay
  • ephemeral posts – unless a post is pinned or given the remain attribute (like this post has), it’ll eventually be discarded off the bottom of the page

all about making it easy to quick dash off (low effort?) updates.

Plus I get to write stuff in Emacs which is always nice.