Press Kit


Whatnotory LLC, a (very) small game development studio based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Working on Bomb Sworders


  • Download our press kit
    • includes logos, screenshots, videos, art, convention photos, and a couple early screenshots of the game
  • Or click here for a bunch of gifs

Some Bomb Sworders bullet points

  • It’s our 1st game
  • It’s about hitting bombs (with swords) and exploding your opponents.
  • It’s about even if you miss, the explosions stay on the level creating more and more hazard.
  • It’s about even if you’re exploded, you stick around — stuck to that spot. You only need to detonate one bomb to come back.
  • It’s 2d. It’s last-person-standing. Couch multiplayer and online.
  • More info about the game here