Online Progress

Coming soon to Bomb Sworders — online multiplayer!

And a bunch of other stuff too:

  • A better QuickStart tutorial (Along with writing a post about developing the online for Bomb Sworders, I’d especially love to discuss development of the tutorial: from horrible initial attempt to starting over and improving it across several conventions)
  • Bot Battle: a single player mode that sets you against bots on 7 progressively more difficult rounds.
  • 1 or 2 new levels, more level bgs
  • Perfect hit: time your swing or sword throw for extra power
  • Cannon behavior tweak: the death-beam will now immediately explode any bombs of the same color. This makes cannons much more useful for higher-level play.
  • Plus lots of bug fixes of course

“Bomb Sworders — holy s#$! they have it!”

Favorite quote @ Midwest Gaming Classic 2022

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