v0.8.0.12 wrap fixes

Early design decisions can lead to headaches later on and for Bomb Sworders having wrap-around was one of these.

The problem separates into a visual side — getting the wrap-around to appear seamless — and into a physics side — having items at the wrap-around point interact exactly as if that space is no different than any other.

The visual side was “solved” awhile back. This new update attempts to solve the physics side.

It wasn’t absolutely terrible before — maybe a sharp-eyed player would spot a missed collision or a missed jump once-in-awhile. Of course, if players spent a lot of time right at the wrap edges, they’d encounter these issues much more frequently. But often the mistake would happen so fast that it’d lie in kinda an area of uncertainty for the player — “I guess *I* must have missed that jump…”

The worst issue was that there could be “unearned” trap shots — 2 bombs moving rapidly in succession across the wrap-around might trigger an extra (errant) collision event, which could result in an explosion. Super rare, but very annoying. This update should fix that too.


  • bug fixes: physics interactions near wrap-around
  • thrownSword “trail” turns off when the thrownSword is unowned
  • optimizations to wrap-around checking
  • at the end of a round, the stats-boxes for each player now position themselves correctly regardless of the level’s aspect ratio.
  • bug fix: under fairly specific circumstances, it was possible to receive “cold” damage — an idea that we explored in the past but, for the time being, are not developing. (I guess this bug does show that that functionality is still very much in the code base…)

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