for whom the toad comes?
it comes for thee

A few small updates


  • bug fix: character animation doesn’t play properly when on a vertically moving platform
  • bug fix: when horde mode characters are stacked on top of each other, it’s possible to “fly”
  • the swing animation will only play when it’s possible to hit things (e.g. the animation no longer plays for frozen characters)
  • minor performance improvement


  • the first press of the random button will exclude the just-played level
  • bug fix: potential for a loud, stuttery sound effect to play after a round victory
  • bug fix: unable to generate a trap shot from two currently-touching bombs
  • bug fix: items failing to wrap-around properly


  • improvements to sound system (prevents some very loud audio spikes)
  • better support for 4k resolution
  • automatically uses a better replay resolution if the hardware can comfortably handle it
  • “doodle” effect added to character avatars
  • fixed some avatar layouts
  • thrownSword: added faint trail (WIP)
  • level tweaks
  • bug fix: collided by moving black-bricks when in limbo
  • physics simulation generates less junk

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