The Quick Start Update

This update (v0.8.0) focuses on the game’s early experience for new players.

Quick Start Tutorial

The new “Quick Start” Tutorial is an attempt at 3 things:

  1. Get new players into the actual game as quick as possible
  2. … while making sure they have a basic framework in place for understanding/playing the game
  3. … and hopefully without being too boring.

It’s made up of a few explanations interspersed with practice levels — some of which provide guidance to players as necessary based on how they’re playing. e.g. If the tutorial notices that a player isn’t swinging their sword, it’ll gently remind them of the control/action.

Also, throughout the game, the control/action text is now shown correctly for each individual player’s (possibly custom) control mappings.

New Experimental Levels

* Experimental = W.I.P.

Lavarinth — bombs/dynamite generate in the inner area while there’re mostly cannons in the outer area
Penrose — vertical wraparound! (Thanks kiaten for the idea!)
Elevation — really helps to have bounce-jumping down pat
Roam — moving platforms provide some challenge getting to the top while also shielding anyone below

Misc Stuff

  • New Characters — Ticket, Bully, and Toad (Thanks to goggleOgler for Ticket and Bully concepts!)
    • Bully and Toad are unlockable characters
  • Random Level Select (Thanks Blazecc for the idea!)
    • Additionally, you can choose which levels will be in the random-selection-set by highlighting the Random button and pressing Menu/Options
  • Refined sword swinging
    • Canceling a sword-swing now acts as kinda a pump-fake (“canceling” can be turned on in the control mapping section)
    • Swinging rapidly many times in a short period will lead to temporary “exhaustion” — a slower rate of swinging
    • You can get the strongest sword swing by releasing within 0.5 seconds of the charging-sword animation reaching its back-most position
  • New song: Luwuk Logic Bomb
  • Options menu for Practice Mode
  • Smoother/more-efficient camera movement in Race Mode
  • Additional sounds
  • Music continues (doesn’t reset) through Race Mode restarts
  • Revised limbo behavior — killing a stunned character while in limbo will cause revive
  • Character Select: pressing Options/Menu while in a READY state will kick immediately out to the non-ready state with Options menu shown (previously this button press would be ignored)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed stuck-on-pillars in Roam level (thanks Blazecc)
  • Fixed issue where axisElements (L2, R2, triggers, etc) couldn’t be assigned to jump/dash actions (thanks Blazecc)
  • Fixed where cannon could kill players for 1 frame after the cannon was visually gone from the scene

Also — thanks Chaddog for feedback on the Steam controller!

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