Update v0.7.8.1

v0.7.8.1 brings a bunch of small changes

  • better interpretation of player’s intent for recoil at near-horizontal angles
  • more reliable, slightly-easier sword swing mechanics and animations
  • fixed an exploit where you could assign multiple jump buttons and then mash them all to climb super fast. (As one of the primary abusers of this exploit… I mourn the passing)
  • Exploder mode: once again displays a running-out-of-time graphic — accidentally had hidden it in the previous version as part of a larger-scoped optimization
  • fixed issue where items could fail some interactions with other objects after a player death
  • Race mode: fixed error when an enemy-owned bomb was near a target at the moment the level was completed
  • Race mode: easier to jump off stars
  • a couple minor tweaks to some race levels

That’s it for this update!
More coming soon(ish)

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