The Jogging Update

“The Jogging Update” (v0.7.8) brings our first pass at a new single-player mode: Race!

  • Grab the flag as quick as you can
  • Improve your score by collecting stars and exploding targets along the way
  • Compete against the playback of your best score (currently the white dot — in the future, maybe not a white dot?)
  • Compare your scores with others on the leaderboard

Race mode is also the first in-the-wild use of FlowCam — our camera controller. It attempts to allow precise control over framing while smoothly following the character. So far it’s been doing a great job of letting layout be more purely a creative task.

The update includes a few different race levels — all considered experimental as we continue to make more and continue to learn what works well and what doesn’t.

WARNING! As time goes on, race levels may experience significant changes — if so, the leaderboards for those levels may be wiped

Other changes are in v0.7.8 too

  • Improved AI on tutorial levels
  • Improved interaction between thrownSword and jumping
  • Other minor tweaks

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