The Groundwork Update!

v. has been released to the beta group!

This update focuses on getting the base stuff right (aka “groundwork”) but adds some new things too

  • 2 new levels added to the Experimental section: Crannies and Swordy Bombs
  • Rewrite of the controller handling
    • fixes issues when lots of controllers
    • better controller assignment, disconnecting, and reconnecting
    • when multiple buttons are mapped to jump (or dash), one button being pressed down no longer masks the inputs of the other buttons. (This allows an exploit, which will be fixed in a future update)
    • keyboard movement: the most recent directional-input takes priority (rather than zeroing-out the movement when both directional-inputs are held.)
  • Revision: jumping or dashing off an item will redirect that item’s velocity (and will enforce a minimum out speed)
  • Miscellaneous
    • improved AI on tutorial levels
    • more robustly freezes the game when the feedback form is shown (F10)
    • default keyboard controls now listed in the reference section

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