game options

A few notes about the top-level game options

Lo, the main options screen


(thanks to this post on the “a clockwork berry” blog)

It tries to provide resolutions that are decent choices for the player:

  • less-than-or-equal-to the resolution of the display (as set in the OS’s display settings)
  • and at or near the aspect ratio of the display


Most systems should be able to run the game no problem (if not at 1080p+ then likely at something like 720p), but just in case, there’s also a low quality setting:

  • Fewer particle effects
  • Simpler shaders
  • Less post processing effects
  • Replay system records at 15 fps (half the usual replay-framerate)

*Also, note the scrolling explanation text that appears when a button is selected. It seemed like a nice way to include more info when the layout space is constrained.. but I’m interested to hear people’s reactions.


A couple settings are useful in their own regard but somewhat targeting people who play on projectors. First is contrast and next is..

screen expand

Screen Expand is also useful if you want to make the preview-edges larger (the areas on the left and right sides of the gameplay that show a preview of the wrap-around)


  • An option to turn ON or OFF preview-edges
    • shameful secret: the current implementation of OFF does all the standard preview-edge computation.. then shades it 100% black.
  • Music volume
  • Sound effects volume
  • and a way to reset all options to their defaults

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